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noell4One of my greatest bliss zones is group singing and toning. I discovered this bliss early on in life when I began leading singalongs at the ripe old age of thirteen…loving the connection I felt. I sang in various duos, trios, bands and choirs throughout my teens and early twenties and then took up residence in a Nada Yoga, (Sound Current), ashram for five years. Our daily practice included group chanting of sacred tones for hours at a time. It was here that I discovered vocal toning as a potent path of healing and awakening.

My musical self expression took a significant turn in my mid twenties when I began to experience severe anxiety when singing in public. I put the music aside and focused on what would become a thirty year career as a New Thought minister, educator and intuitive counselor. During my musical hiatus I continued to host open toning circles and also studied and applied vocal sound practices for healing and awakening from Sufi, Tibetan, Chinese, Indian and ancient Egyptian traditions. In the early 2000′s I began receiving angelic messages during meditation that included specific seed sounds and their use for activating and attuning the endocrine and chakral portals to the vibration of the Higher Self…facilitating the descent of Spirit into form. (Ascension)

I eventually reclaimed my inner singer/songwriter and began to write and sing again after almost twenty-five years of self silencing! During a six month world tour with a well known Course In Miracles teacher, I birthed Satsong, an inspirational guided group singing experience, and have recently moved to Hot Springs Arkansas where I now offer the monthly SpiritSings Soul Chant.
Noell Grace

My other offerings include:

Soul Path Intuitive Readings at  www.gracenumerology.com
Visionary, Archetypal Art at  www.noellgraceart.com