Rave Reviews

Satsong and SpiritSing Participants Share Their Experience

Note: Noell originally offered kirtans (known as Satsong), then joined forces with Eje Lynn-Jacobs to offer SpiritSings. The following testimonials are from original Satsong and current SpiritSings participants.

I walked out of the Satsong last night feeling full of love. I was so high on love, I was trembling. I woke up this morning still high. Oh, I just adore you for having this very delicious and soulful gathering once a month. I really wish it could be more than once a month. WOW!!
Tanya Martin, Artist, Mentor

I’m still basking in joy and delight after SpiritSings.I’m so grateful that Noell and Eje have created this wonderful ritual and invited us all.  Thank you SO much! SpiritSings is like a tuning fork for opening your heart and resonating in Joy!
Carol Schotts

I come to the Satsong to bask in the joy of Noell’s shining gift. The pure beauty of her voice quiets my mind and opens my heart. I can literally curl up in it. There is a love frequency embedded in the words and melodies of her songs that I can palpably feel when I sing. It’s like plugging my body into a God outlet and being powered up with light.
Lisa Citore, Writer/Poet/Comedian/Performance Artist

Satsong is like a cool drink after a long walk in the desert. I always leave with more energy, connection and love of self and others than when I arrived. It is a joy of a deep and abiding sort that sticks with me for days. Before there was TV and radio, folks used to sing together as entertainment. SpiritSings recaptures this old tradition, but upgraded with soulful songs that help us remember who we really are. I love to come and play in this field of musical love and as a guest musician, I enjoy sharing a song or two of my own. These are potent, joyful, expansive, uplifting, healing events that are both deep and fun!
Wayne Marshall, Online Marketing Consultant, Musician

The Satsongs are an immersion in pure joy. Never before have I experienced such elation when joining other voices in song. I leave these gatherings feeling uplifted, filled with gratitude and solidly connected to the One. Days later when a song or melody returns to me, I find myself elevated once again.
Tamra Jeanne Rutherford, Consciousness Coach and Guide

I love making a joyful noise with friends! Whether I’m moved to tears or laughter or need to jump up and dance to express all the joy…I love every minute of these events. I’m so grateful for this open free space to sing out. My voice has really opened up over the year I’ve been coming. And the songs take me straight into Presence. Bring it on, cuz i’m ready for more! If you want more joy, come on down to Satsongs! I’ve attended almost every Santa Barbara Satsong that Noell has offered!
Meganne Forbes, Visionary Artist

I am grateful for Noell’s love songs! I feel joy inside when I sing them!
Iken Lord

The more I attend Noell’s Satsongs and Improv Sing Circles the less self-consciousness I become about singing. I feel more free to express myself and simply play with my voice in Noell’s loving, non-judgmentmental atmosphere. I am loving the Satsongs and I always feel “high” and inspired when I leave. Noell is beautiful to watch, free, creative and full of fun. And what a beautiful voice!
Ronit Corry, Senior teacher of the Alexander Technique, Dog Whisperer

Noell’s lyrics, music and spirit inspire me to joyously celebrate my Grand Organic Design! These unreserved, open-hearted songfests are such a treat. I am always amazed at her musical acumen and delightful leadership that brings out the best in us. Satsongs are a great experience in Community-Self-Love and tangible unity.
Ani Ahavah, Community Builder