Vocal Sound Journeys

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Our own vocal vibrations are a powerful and intimate means of affecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields. Through the practice of toning we can tune and elevate our vibration, free discordant or blocked energy, and  align with the love, bliss and expansion of indwelling Divinity. Joining our sound with others greatly enhances and amplifies the healing power and joy of our sound practice.

Noell offers three types of Vocal Sound Journeys, each with a unique focus and intent, utilizing a distinct set of vibration raising sacred seed sounds. These journeys include:

Manna Toning

Using sacred tones channeled from the angelic realms, Noell guides us in activating the chakral portals/endocrine glands as we call in Source energy, (aka Manna) deep into our cells. Manna Tones open our body to receive and anchor Divine Bliss, nourishing us with life giving, vibration raising frequencies. During a Manna Toning journey we intend to …..

* Bring all the chakras into Divine alignment
* Cleanse and clear blocked chi and cell memory held in the chakras and nerve plexus’s of the body
* Receive the shakti blessing of your own Holy Spirit, (feeling Source energy coursing through our being)
* Open to the expansive peace of Presence
* Receive and channel healing for each other, loved ones and our world community

Core Organ Toning

Journey deep into the body to harmonize and renew our core organs, using Tibetan healing sound, acupressure self massage and intentional Awareness. We’re in the midst of what many consider to be a profound evolutionary shift. Our bodies are processing so much and need more TLC than ever before.

* Befriend, cleanse and renew your liver, heart, lungs, stomach, spleen, kidneys and intestines with love, healing vocal sound and qigong movements/massage specific to each organ
* Liberate congested energy, cleanse, tune and harmonize for greater primal vitality

Subtle Body Attunement

Harmonize and align your etheric, emotional, mental and soul body using sacred seed sounds from ancient Egyptian and Sufi sound traditions. Forgive, transmute and release old limiting thoughts and emotions and learn to intentionally cultivate elevated feeling states, such as joy, gratitude, wholeness, empowerment and love.

All Vocal Sound Journeys are held from 3 – 5 PM on a Saturday or Sunday on  love offering basis. Please bring a bottle of water to remain hydrated throughout the journey and wear loose fitting clothing

See side bar for dates and locations for upcoming sound journeys.

noell3Vocal sound minister, Noell Grace has been practicing and teaching the healing, awakening power of vocal sound for over thirty years.