SpiritSings Soul Chant

spiritsingspicgroupCome together for sweet connection and soul expression as we sing inspired, joy generating chants and simple song celebrating our Divine humanity and unity. Join singer songwriter Noell Grace for guided group singing in English, Sanskrit, Aramaic and Paiute in a wide range of musical styles.  Enjoy guest performances by inspired songwriters and mingle and connect during the midway cookie break.

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Singing Is Innate

Many of us may feel shy about singing in “public.” Perhaps we decided “I can’t sing” or that our voice wasn’t “good enough”. But singing isn’t a talent that some people have and others don’t. Singing is innate to the soul and a primal expression of our humanity. SpiritSings is a safe, inspiring space to set your Voice free and sing your heart out!

The Joy of Group Singing

Community singing activates the pleasure centers of the brain,  giving rise to feelings of happiness and connectedness. Every time we come together and raise our voices in open hearted song, something magical happens. We feel expanded, unified and joyful and our joy ripples out as a blessing for all.