Improv Sing/Tone

Join us for this intuitive sound adventure as we give voice to the spontaneous. We begin with open toning, (singing sustained vowel sounds), to open up, vibrate free and explore our group resonance. From there harmonies naturally blossom, melodies unfold and rhythms emerge. We often sing in the primal language of “feeling tones”, and whatever recognizable words or phrases naturally arise, allowing sonic themes to appear, play out and morph.

Simple sound games can inspire our interactive sound play and full range of expression. Embracing our unified as well as individualized voice, there’ll be moments for solo sounding if you want to dive in! (totally voluntary…always liberating!) We discover as we go…..with Spirit leading the way.

Our intent is to be sung by life, expressing the authentic sounds inspired through our group Presence and enjoy the benefits….Whole body joy, expansion and connection.

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Love Offering